Is my new baby chick too aggressive...??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by carolina chicky, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. carolina chicky

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    Apr 1, 2009
    South Carolina
    Okay I have another weird question. I have a 2 week old white leghorn that I got when she was 2 days old. A few days ago I got a 4 week old Barred Rock. I put them in the brooder together and they were fine for a while, but then the Barred Rock started pecking at the leghorns eye. She pecked and chased her so much I decided to seperate them. She didn't draw blood but I got worried so I put them in seperate containers. The containers are clear so they can see each other, and now the barred rock just paces back and forth next to the white leghorns container, trying to see her. The Barred Rock seems terribly upset (although the leghorn doesn't seem to care) but I worry that she'll hurt the leghorn with the pecking. So, did I do the right thing seperating them or can they safely be together. I can't watch them 24-7 so I'm not sure what to do.
    Thanks for reading my long explanation, hope someone can help.
    Thanks!! :)
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    Mar 27, 2009
    you will be fine with them being separated for now but you will need to find a long term solution for their adulthood [​IMG] good luck [​IMG]
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    Do you have them under white or red heat lamps?
    Red tends to calm hyper chicks.
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    Older chicks are some times agressive to younger chicks that are smaller then them. Expecially if they are new additions. I would suggest you let them stay in the same container with them seperated by wire or something so they can see each other. After a while they will adapt to one another and chill out. Another person made a good point to bring to your attention. If your not using a red brooder light then get one. Bright light brings small things to a bird's attention. Likely those small things tend to be faint objects we wouldnt pay attention too on another chicken. Say if a chicken has a peice of anything on its face or if an eye moves a lot from another bird during its time looking around. These things will attract the attention of other chicks and cause them to peck at it. They are unaware yet of what is and is not completely eatible. So they tend to peck at anything that catches the eye. A red light will reduce this visual enhancement.
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    I will pick up a red bulb and try that. I just went out and put them together again and the Barred Rock ran full force toward the leghorn and was aggresively biting her beak and pecking her eye. The Leghorn was tweeting loudly so I took her out and seperated them again. It's funny because even though the leghorn is only 2 weeks old she is much larger than the 4 week old Barred Rock. The Barred Rock even took a bite at my 60 pound Boxer's nose, lol. A feisty one she [​IMG];)

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