Is my new chick ok?


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Aug 28, 2013
My first hatch, at day 21. Little 'Emily' hatched 5 1/2 hrs ago. No signs of others hatching, yet. She's still wobbling but gaining cooridination, still looks 'wet' though fluffing up. In my only brooder I have 6 orp day old chicks that I bought today, incase she was my only chick from the hatch. Current temp in fan forced inc 37'Celcius, humidity JUSTunder 70%.
My questions, (newbie here, have spent hours looking for answers, getting desperate) she stands, chirps madly, looks like she's straining to poo or something, then plonks down and goes to sleep. No poops yet? Is that Normal? She also looks like she is sneezing, or the motions of at times, is that normal? Eyes aren't open wide all the time she is awake, is that normal? She can walk but wobbly still and just drops then sleeps. And hubby thinks I'm cooking her in the incubator and should put her in with the coordinated chicks in the brooder, but my gut says no to that. Is all this normal? (Sorry for my daftness) should I offer her some water yet?
It all sounds fairly normal. They can go for up to 48 hours without food or water. You could put her in with the others once she has dried, but opening the bator now may effect the rest of your hatch. I have in the past quickly removed a chick , when it hatched 24 hours earlier than the rest. To start them drinking I put my finger in the water and touch the end of their beaks. Same with the chick crumble, water first it helps the crumble attach to your finger.
Thankyou again! Silly newbie hatcher q's, but hatching eggs is so different from purchasing live chicks!

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