Is my new roo being aggressive or friendly?

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    Nov 4, 2009
    A couple days ago, I got a new 4-mo-old bantam roo--part d'uccle, part something else--and I'm curious as to his behavior. I've had 6 hens for a year now, raised from chicks. This is both my first roo, and first 'adoption' (where there is the need to adapt/familiarize). He is a quick little bugger, and skittish about being caught and picked up. Tonight, however, he decided that I am either his new best friend or new favorite perch. Initially I had him perched on my hand...he worked his way up my arm to my shoulder and nuzzled his face in my ponytail. After some finagling, I got hold of him, crouched down and set him on the ground. He circled me slowly, then hopped up on my knee and nuzzled his face into my shirt. {note: he had a tussle with one of the hens and received a small nick on his comb which bled a little...could this 'nuzzling' be an attempt to wipe it off?} After a minute, he hopped from my knee to my shoulder and again played with my ponytail. Every time I put him down, he'd hop back up, and all the while, he was giving me little nibbles... Should I be discouraging this behavior, or enjoying what I currently perceive as affection?

    Thanks so much!
  2. We have a young Russian Orloff cockeral that does the same thing. He loves to sit on our shoulders and picks at our hair. We also have a few OEGB hens that insist on being picked up and love to be cuddled or ride around on our shoulders.
    This is all perfectly normal behavior. If the pecking gets hard then reprimand him with a small tap to the beak to show him that it is not tolerated. He will learn what he can and cannot do.
    Enjoy your new best friend.

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