Is my old girl a BR, BH, or Cuckoo Marans??


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Jul 14, 2010
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One of my very first chickens, Pauline, was sold to me as a BR. I've had her for well over a year and I think she was an older lady when I got her but at the time I didn't know anything about chickens and believed she was a BR. She came with a hen that was a dominique. This girl, Pauline, lays a jumbo brown egg but it is more like a very pale brown. Her legs are pinkish white, her earlobes are white. What do you think my old girl is?? A mix of a couple of barred breeds??

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Looks so much like my 'barred rocks', that I will be really interested to hear what folks say about yours.

Mine lay for the most part size large lighter brown eggs. Very docile--- a little hard to catch and pick up the last day or two....but good hens never the less.
Beaks are ivory with black streaks, legs pinkish-white or grayish...but no white earlobes. Interesting that white earlobes usually designate white eggs, right?
Mine are 9-months old now, and I got them as 5- month-olds.
That is just a myth. Earlobe color has nothing to do with egg color.

May or not be true, but it is in my white ear lobed hen, lays white eggs.

Here is a shot of my BR hens, at 22 weeks, 2 of them are only 20 weeks
**red earlobes**

I am thinking a mixture of barred breeds...maybe some one with marans can help, I have no experience with those.
That is just a myth. Earlobe color has nothing to do with egg color.

No, it's not a myth, exactly. It just doesn't hold absolutely true with all breeds. Your "garden variety" breeds like Barred Rocks, RIR, Leghorn and such, it holds true. But then you have Silkies with blue earlobes, and some other breeds that are exceptions. I had an EE hen with white earlobes that layed blue eggs.
Thanks everyone for you responses! Yes, Pauline has white earlobes and lays light brown eggs... it's a mystery! At first I thought she was a BR/Dominique cross with a straight comb... who knows?
I would suggest a Holland, but the earlobe-egg color would be backwards. Hollands have red earlobes, but lay white eggs. Your girl lacks the yellow legs of the Barred Rock, the dark egg color of the Maran, the white/pink legs and light brown egg would hint at Sussex, but I don't know if they come in barred... I'd stake my money on straight comb Dominique... or else a nice-looking mutt.
"nice looking mutt" is what I think will sum it up

She is the big boss lady of the coop, but it's funny: she lets the "underlings" eek out her punishments. She's like a mob boss...they come groveling to her and she gives one quick peck on the head, and when they turn to flee, her minions attack the interloper who dared to approach mean mean pauline. She is one of our personal favorites though and since we know she is an older lady, we bred her to a Buff Orpington roo and hatched a single chick that turned out to be (after some research here) a type of black sex link pullet. We named her Cleo and while she looks NOTHING like her mom, we hope that the jumbo egg-laying gene carries over.

Cleo is now 15 weeks old, but with NO comb or wattle development, it looks to be a month or two before we know how she stacks up in the egg department...

Thanks again for the responses!

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