Is my other hen jealous of my broody with new chicks or trying to eat

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    them. LOL...I haven't let her be with them (my other hen-not momma [​IMG] BUT they were out free-ranging and I checked on momma and the babies and Lula JUMPED on my BACK to get in!? Yesterday she heard peeping and jumped in and tried to run over there to her but i didnt let her....I can't tell if its hostile behaviour or if she REally wants them!?
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    Sometimes other hens kill chicks, or try to. Could be an instinct to try to ensure the survival of her own chicks (that she might not have) by killing off competitors. A good mama hen will defend the chicks, give the aggressor a good peck, chase her, fluff up at her, spread her wings, etc. Some mamas I guess don't have this instinct. I've had about 5 broodies, all good defenders of their chicks. I've also had a broody kill her own chicks as they hatched. You just never know, I suspect because hatcheries have worked toward breeding broodiness out of them for so long.

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