Is my Polish Hat a Rooster or Hen??


7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Hello Everyone... I need some help to confirm if my Polish hat is a Rooster or Hen? We got her about 10 weeks ago and were told she was a Hen.

However, this morning went I outside I think I heard one of them starting to crow... like the start of "cock-a-doodle-do", but not like normal. It seemed to come form the Polish Hat.. so it caused me to do some more research and I am a bit concnerd now. Also, over the past week she has become much more aggressive to the other hens and stared to peck them.

Also... in the picks below you will see purple hair... we applied Blue Kote since she was getting plucked by other hens on the back of her head... she normally is black with white top..

Let me know what you thoughts are and if you think Hen or Rooster...

Wow.. thanks... That was my fear... we cannot have a rooster in my area.

Now I need to find him a good home... Anyone in Philadelphia PA area interested ? :)
really looks like a roo! the hens have a very neat, round top hat, the roos have a "bad hair day" all day every day! haha also his face is bright red. sorry!

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