Is my Post Office Full of @#!& (hatcheries ship "illegally"?)


9 Years
May 31, 2010
I placed an order with McMurray for a xmas/bday gift to myself, (Original thread: )) to be shipped when ready; When they shipped it the first time (I think that was 1st week of Feb?) it was during that big blizzard. They shipped out on I guess Fri or Sat, as they arrived on Monday, mostly dead (The Post Office ignored all the directions given to them about calling us for pick up; they took the chicks on the route truck for who knows how long in the cold and delivered them to the house).

So McMurrays refunded me and I placed a replacement order (I figured I'd give them a second chance, especially since at this point other hatcheries were sold out of most breeds I wanted). So this past friday/saturday they shipped out again, and the chicks arrived on Monday. AGAIN, the Post office ignored directions and took the chicks to the house (even after I complained in person at the office ...)

At least this time they had heat packs in the box and it looks like at least half the order will live this time, but here's what I really do not understand....

The Delivery guy WOULD NOT GIVE US OUR CHICKS unless we PAID an ADDITIONAL 30-some dollars! They said that it was "illegal" to ship animals priority, and they *had* to be shipped express, and so we had to pay the express shipping cost in cash to the postman (in addition to the priority shipping cost I paid online to McMurrays).

The box has an "express" label on it, affixed over the priority rate label, and a handwritten "paid on delivery" signature on it. But there was nothing different/faster about the way the chicks were sent this time, verses the first time McMurray's shipped to us. In fact, I still have the first McMurray's shipment box that has only a priority label on it.

What's going on? Did a law change over the past couple weeks? I have no idea who put the express shipping label on the box, or who, if anyone I should complain to. (If they have to be shipped express that's fine, I may even have taken the option if it was available and would get the chicks here faster- BUT the chicks did NOT get here any faster, and I was not informed of these charges. I'm just lucky my step father had some $ on him, otherwise, right or wrong, the postman would taken the chicks back to the Post office until we paid, or returned them to the hatchery- either way, surely they'd all have end up dead!)

Has this happened to anyone else???
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Something really doesn't sound right with that!! Did you make them give you a recipet??? I would definetly call you main branch of the PO in your area!!!

Oh, and I would call Murray McMurray and inform them of this also!! They deal with the PO so much maybe they can help you out there too!!
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Live birds can be shipped priority if they are less than 24 hours old at time of shipment. I think your postman did this on his own and I would go to the post office and speak to the post master. If that doesn't resolve it I would call the 1-800 number on the website. I think your postman is padding his pockets.
First off after you went to the post office the first time with the compliant they should have called you and not delivered them, second I think the delivery person ripped you off and I would complain.
You think the delivery guy could have affixed the express label and took the $30-some for himself?
Sounds very odd. I believe that I would be taking a trip down to the post office to find out what is going on. I hope you get it worked out.
I would call McMurray first to see if they did ship them differently. If they did then I would deal with THEM to have the $30 refunded. If they did not do this then I would GO (not call) to the post office and ask to speak to a supervisor. That way you can find out why you were charged and address the fact that they did not call you to pick up your chicks.

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