Is my RIR out of her Chicken Mind..??? (Broody question)

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    Mar 30, 2008
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    Mid-Summer, my 2 year old RIR decided to go Broody.
    "Cool!" I thought, "No incubator, and I get chicks! Yes!"
    So, being the "Genius" that I am (Not really, totally kidding), I put 6 "special" eggs under her...
    21 days later, Tada!!! 6 chicks pop out! Broody was officially named: Mama-Belle.
    1 made it out of the shell, but died for some reason as soon as it hatched, and another was accidentally killed by Mama-Belle jumping out of the nest-box, to chase intruders away from the babies. 4 Were left, 4 she raised, 4 are nearly full grown adults now...
    As soon as she was done with those 4, she started going Broody Again!!!

    Now, this wouldn't be a big deal if I was located elsewhere... But I am in Alaska, it's September, and everything is starting to freeze outside. It's COLD, and Very, very, very windy.
    So, I decided to try to break her.
    Attempt #1 - I take the eggs out over and over and chase her off the nest-box. Mama-Belle didn't care, just sat in the empty box until other hens decided and lay their eggs in the box again. We played this game for a couple of weeks, and no luck.
    Attempt #2 - Blocked off all the lower nest-boxes. Didn't work, she just moved herself one level up.
    Attempt #3 - Took Mama-Belle out of Nest-Box and put her out in empty quail cage outside, with a bare, wire bottom, during VERY windy and COLD days. (So windy, that we lost a few trees in the yard!!!) Kept Mama-Belle in cage for 3 days. Let her out. 1st thing she does, runs straight into the coop, and into the nest box. DARN!!! Pick Mama-Belle up and put her in the Cage for additional 4 Days (7 days total)!!!! Wind is still Very strong, and Very, very Cold!!! Thought to myself: "Take THAT..!!!" Let Mama-Belle out on day #7. First thing she does is run into the coop and sits on the Nest-Box. DARN Again!!!!!
    Gave up on further attempts. Gave Mama-Belle 3 eggs, and said "To heck with it". She sat, and sat, and sat. 1 egg broke during 1st week of incubation. 2nd egg was "vandalized" by other hens when the chick was trying to hatch while Mama-Belle went out to relieve herself, eat and drink. Chick was devoured by other hens. Last egg survived, and hatched on time. Mama-Belle is Very proud of herself and her one remaining chick. Although the snow started falling, chick is doing well, and seems to be thriving under Mama-Belle's care.

    One question...
    What is wrong with my hen???
    I have over 40 hens right now, and none have gone broody. This one however, is obsessed with motherhood.!!!
    Has anyone ever heard of an RIR being so INSANELY broody? Or do I just have a Freak Hen? LoL
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    Apr 14, 2007
    I had a beautiful Black Ameraucana hen go broody. I had no fert. eggs for her..I tried all they same 'tricks' you have and nothing worked. She refused to give up.. Nothing I did helped.. Finally after SEVEN weeks, she stopped being broody. She was frail, had lost way too much weight even thou- I took her off the nest twice/three times to let /make her eat... She died a week later..

    I don't know what you can do.. BUT please let us know what happens w/ her.Good luck
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    I had a Wheaten Ameraucana who went broody for the third time last month in a year. She raised 6 chicks. I broke her the second time but she was determined last month... so I sold her.

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