Is my RIR pullet truly RIR? She is rumpless...

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by WaldosFlock, May 21, 2017.

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    Apr 24, 2017
    Hello! I am a newer chicken owner and I had purchased my chicks from Tractor Supply. They were unable to tell me for sure what breed they were because the bin I got them from had a bunch of different breeds all thrown together because they were on discount for getting too old to be in the store. Anyway, I got 5 leghorn pullets, 4 Barred Plymouth Rocks, 4 Black Australorps (I think), and 6 of what I believe are Rhode Island Reds. All of my red chicks have feathered out but one stands out from the rest.....She has no tail. I have checked and checked for any sign of damage because I thought one of the Leghorns had pulled out her feathers. But there is absolutely no sign of any looks like her rump is structured differently, maybe she is actually a rumpless? She is a silly looking thing running around but quite adorable. I was just curious on any opinions on why this might be. Also... do you think I identified them correctly as Rhode Island Reds? Look down below the pictures of the rumpless pullet to see more pictures of some of the others.
    18618239_1970573459833255_2033381381_o.jpg 18618505_1970573393166595_2092181576_o.jpg

    18675295_1970572289833372_1964224092_o.jpg 18676549_1970572236500044_664436467_o.jpg She is on the right in both pictures.

    18641362_1970573453166589_601488696_o.jpg This is a picture of her a bit younger.

    Here are some pictures of the others:
    18674905_1970572356500032_1472960099_o.jpg The cockerel and one of the pullets
    18618668_1970848633139071_934348459_o.jpg one of the pullets
    18618960_1970848626472405_1648555559_o.jpg two of the other pullets
    18618463_1970572379833363_715868256_o.jpg Calypso, one of the pullets
    18618387_1970572343166700_1218462914_o.jpg Hitler, the cockerel

    Do they just have some darker markings like this as the are growing up and will eventually molt them out for the more plain red feathers of the RIR?
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    Looks like a RIR. I believe it is a rooster which often are slower at growing tail feathers. You should know in a few more weeks.
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    It looks like a Production Red (hatchery RIR).

    Rumplessness can occur in any breed due to genetic mutation or due to hatching humidity (that egg somehow was a little off in its location). Araucana are a known breed that has been selected for rumplessness (which is actually dominant, or partially dominant).

    The only way to know is to feel down its back to see if there is a tail bone or not.

    If she appears healthy, back looks normal, there is no harm. Just obviously don't breed from her.

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