Is My Rooster Courting My Hen???


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Dec 29, 2011
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So I'm pretty sure my rooster was courting our bantam hen.
So heres the story, my rooster got injured and we brought him in the house to heal, well so he won't get lonely every now and then we bring in one of our hens, well I brought in Domino, our bantam hen, at first I thought my rooster was chasing her because he didn't like her. Well I brought her back in to observe him since hens have been known to run away from a roo wanting to breed. Well when I watched he came up to her and dropped his wings and walked around her while she ran around. It looked like he was courting. Do roosters court? I never thought they did. Thanks for the info!!!
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What was injured on him? She probably didn't want to mate with him. I'm not sure though. But ive read that the hens will not let the rooster if they don't want to. But some rooster will then force them.

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