Is my rooster going Broody?

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    Sep 25, 2015
    I have a year old New Hampshire Rooster.

    He is very docile and takes his job seriously.

    Last night they were roosting and I stuck my hand over and messed around in the coop and he made this squawking noise,a constant purring/screaming sounds that broodies make,or when hens get ticked off.

    Now this morning i found him sitting in the nesting boxes all layed back and looked all hunched up.I gave him an egg,and he looked at me like,"I think you have us mixed up"....I raised him up,and he looked around and left the nest.

    was he encouraging the hens?He was making peeping sounds all morning in the house,but this was just very odd,he wasn't decorating the nest,arranging things,he was just sitting there.Possible broody?

    We also have hens who are I believe becoming broody.

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    Your rooster is like a lot of roosters, liking to participate in the nesting activities. I've had several that were like this, including my present roo.

    He gets excited when he sees a hen heading into the coop to lay an egg. He races ahead of her, hops into the nest, hunkers down and makes a rapid "click-click-click-click-click" noise. If the hen is slow to notice he's picked out the perfect nest for her, he stands up, turns around in the nest, stomping his feet, then re-settles into the nesting shavings, resuming his "clicking" until she catches on and hops up.

    A couple weeks ago, he was right in the middle of the nest with two other hens who both wanted to lay. It was quite a circus. I got a picture.[​IMG]There was hardly any room left in the nest for the ones who had legitimate business to be there.
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