Is my rooster too big for my hens?

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    We have a beautiful rooster, Fred, who is about six months old now and three and a half pounds and beginning to put the moves on our hens. The hens are all banties though, OEGBs, two frizzle banties, and The Whore Chiquita who is a cochin banty. Fred is a BO and silkie banty cross, is he too big for our hens, will he hurt them when he mounts them? The hens don't seem to like him much, if he tries it on with one, another hen will run to her aid and chase him off. Our other roo, a Lavender D'Uccle banty, does get some action now and then.
    I have some recent pics of him with the hens but couldn't figure out how to put an image in this post. Thanks!!!
    Anna [​IMG]

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    If he is only 3 1/2 lbs, the hens would have to be very tiny for him to be too big. I never weighed my bantams, but my RIRs are huge. They have surpassed their expected weight. My rooster mounted my bantam buff araucana today. It didn't seem to stress her. She just did what hens do and started pecking and scratching again.
    My mom had used a pure buff orphington once and he had a favorite hen......a very tiny bantam. Other than pinning her down completely she seemed Okay, but mom removed her, because she really had him for meat production fertilization and not to torment the little hens. But we are talking about apples and oranges there. That roo weighed a whole lot.
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    He should be small enough if he's part banty.

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