Is my Roxie Depressed?

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    Sep 3, 2007
    Hey, new to this, so bare with me.

    Three months ago a friend found a Bantam which seems to have been abandoned along the expressway. She was malnurished and has a slight walking disorder. One foot lands on the other when she walks. But can she run when its feeding time, mind you leggs sprayed wide apart. Also one of her "toes" seems to have a kink in it, does not go straight out.

    After looking at her, i decided to give the little thing a home in my backyard. I figured i could do better for her then she had had at that time. She seems to have taken the yard as her own. My cat and her seem to respect each other well. My mother says she has more personality then the cat.

    I believe that she was a Easter baby, and as she grew up was not wanted. It is possible that she has never seen another chicken since chickhood. When I first got her, she would stay by the backdoor and sometimes sneak into the house. I suspect she was raised indoors.

    I have done all i know to make her happy and safe. She has been steadily laying eggs with a few days rest between. She currently has not laid one in about 3 days.

    I have been feeding her a high protien grain mix, costume mixed for her needs as well as vegatable and fruit scraps. I suppliment this with crickets and cottage cheese. For a treat i have some stale crackers which i have offered in moderation. She loves this as well as the cottage cheese. I also crush egg shells for calcium.

    Latley she has stopped eating most of the veg and fruit I offer her, except tomotoes. She will eat grain and forrage in the garden. If I sit with her a bit, she seems to eat somewhat more of what I offer. But if i walk away, she loses interest. She also has to be tempted or actually taken out of the coop in the morning sometimes.

    I am thinking she might be depressed. It has come to my attention that chickens are severe flock orinated. Is it possible that she is lonely and needs a friend? We are researching where to locate another Bantam that needs to be rescued.

    So please, is Miss Roxie depressed, and where can I locate another Banam that needs a home.


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    Jan 23, 2007
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    Hi , that is so nice of you to take her in. She may be lonely, you might want to try Just make sure if you get another friend for her you'll need to keep them seperate for atleast a month.
    Another thing is she might be molting.I've noticed when my chickens molt they seem kind of down.Takes alot out of them when they molt.You may want to give her some dry cat food to help with feather re-growth (extra protein)
    Another thing is she may need some layer feed.Purina makes organic feed if you prefer that.
    Has she been wormed? Find a vet that will do a fecal test.They don't have to be avian vets either.She could have internal parasites.
    You may want to check her over for mites/lice. Check at night with a flashlight around her vent. They can be bad news for chickens. Does she have a place to dust bathe? You can buy poultry dust at a feed store. Or you can use cold dry wood ashes in her dusting spot.If you use wood ashes they have to be kept dry.
    I can't think of a thing else.I hope that helped some.Please post some pics when ya can & welcome to BYC [​IMG]
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    May 8, 2007
    I would also look at her diet, just to make sure that she isn't missing something. I think there are several people here that do their own feed, that might be willing to give you an opinion on your grain mix. It gets discussed in the feeding section from time to time.
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    Jul 30, 2007
    You can also check The one in our area always lists free chickens.

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