is my silkie broody or not?


May 21, 2015
Northern Massachusetts
ok so I have been trying to encourage my silkie hen to go broody I have 10 golf balls in one nest box about 3 weeks ago I started putting golf balls in there and one of my silkies is starting to slow down on egg production and makes that clicking sound u know that sound that broody hens make that sounds like a horse and she growls at me when she lays her eggs but she stopped laying her eggs today and I put her in the nest box to see what would happen and she sat down on them and did that broody hen shuffle and stayed there all day and she didn't go on the roost to sleep but I'm not sure if she is broody when I touch her she makes a high pitched screech at me idk if she is broody what do u thing


Dec 16, 2015
She's a silkie, so be sure that any pictures or posters that you have around the place which depict eggs are laid flat to avoid slip and fall injuries. -gop

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