Is my silkie going to lay her first egg soon or something ?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by connor97, Mar 15, 2013.

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    So usually she is so quiet. But yesterday she went up into the coop, which none of the chickens do unless they are going to sleep, (my chickens are only about 13 weeks old, except for the silkie who we bought sold as "adult silkie". But anyway she went up to the coop to lay in there and then she started like screaming BAWK BAWK BAWWKKKKW BAWWWWKKK bbbb BAWWWKKK really really loud and she usually never makes noise. Then after it was over she ran out of the coop and went back with the other to peck at the grass, so I went into the coop expecting to find my first egg from her, but there was nothing there.

    We have had her for about 4 weeks now. We have not gotten one egg from her yet. Maybe she is younger then I think she is? Or maybe something is wrong with her and she cant lay an egg and she was bawking so loud because she was in pain? What do you guys think ?!?!


    Here is a picture of her so maybe you can guess how old she is:

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    I find that if their pubic bones are spread apart then they are close to laying. My brahmas get to about three fingers width and then I know they will lay with the next couple weeks. Not sure on Silkie's. I have one who hasn't laid a single egg yet. Her pubic bones have spread to about two fingers so maybe soon.

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