Is my Silver Laced Wyandotte a Hen or a Roo?


Jul 27, 2019
San Luis Obispo County, CA
Howdy all! I have two Silver Laced Wyandottes and Agatha seemed to grow wattles overnight (more like a week) and has a slightly larger comb (though it doesn’t seem to be getting bigger), so I’m thinking she might actually be a roo. The only thing keeping me on the fence is the fact that the SLWs have more of a rose comb (and I always found that more difficult to distinguish male from female than the single comb varieties), and her legs don’t seem to be much larger (if at all) than her sister’s (Maisie). Anyhoo, I’m including pictures (they are 9 weeks old in these pictures, but will be 10 weeks old tomorrow (still no real change in Agatha’s wattles/comb size/leg size)). The one facing the right is Maisie (pretty sure she’s a girl) and the one facing left is Agatha). Thanks for any feedback/opinions!
- Jenna


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Hi there, welcome to BYC! :frow

According to feather pattern (blotchy lacing instead of clear) on the first one and waddle size on the second one... I would say BOTH are cockerels.

However, it could be poor genetics causing the lack of lacing since there is no sign of comb or waddles in the first pic. :pop

Something looks a bit off on these birds. The one sporting the waddles almost appears to be sporting a beard or a hint of muffs... where did they come from?

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