Is my Wyandotte okay?


7 Years
Jan 11, 2013
Hi there

I am fairly new to this but so far all has been well (sort of).

We have 5 gorgeous girls, all 8 about months old. We have 2 Isa Browns, 2 Pekin bantams and one Wyandotte. The Wyandotte was originally highest in the pecking order by sheer size (thought she was part giraffe for a while there). She isn't now though and although we see no actual pecking going on she has had a big bare patch on her chest for ages. All nice and clean thank goodness, not open but it is always there. Secondly the other 4 are laying every day and she is not laying at all. She has only the beginnings of a comb which is probably a clue but is she okay? Is the chest thing connected to the lack of laying / comb? No mites, she seems in very good health and happy, maybe a bit left out as the others tend to pair off. We are in Melbourne so we are just out of winter. Thanks in anticipation!
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It is likely that one or more of her flock mates are plucking and eating her chest feathers. As long as they are not drawing blood, it will be unsightly but not harmful to the hen. Good luck on your Spring - just heading into Autumn here.
Thank you for that. Nope, no blood. Why isn't she laying? Any clues? Maybe I am being impatient. I was amazed that all the others started laying mid winter.
Wyandottes are slow maturing. When she is in laying state, her comb and wattles will turn red. If she is used to being handled and recognizes you as the head of the flock, she may even squat for you as you reach down to pet her. All signs she is getting ready to lay.

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