Is our hen seriously ill? Eggbound? Sour crop?

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  1. jessandtom

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    Oct 18, 2016

    We currently have a hen sat in front of a radiator in our lounge in a cardboard box.
    She was out in the garden while we cleaned the coop but as soon as we were done, she ran inside. She then sat in the run, we tried taking her outside and she just stood where we left her, eyes closed and did the same when we put her in the coop.

    No that we've brought her inside, she's very placid (normally not as willing to be held/touched), seems to have her eyes closed most of the time, isn't drinking or eating (though she did peck at my hand once when i offered her corn but didn't actually take anything). She's just stood there, eyes closed. Occasionally making a noise, which sounds a little strained.

    I've felt her rear end, and I can't feel anything. I've checked under her wings, but i can't see any mites and I've felt her crop, it feels lumpy but when she's being fed corn and pellets, surely that's normal too?

    Any advice or diagnosis would be much appreciated!
  2. featherfella

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    Apr 24, 2016
    Hi there,

    This may be a case of being egg bound. I know you said you couldn't feel anything but sometimes when a chicken is egg bound they actually poo out their egg yolk and egg white. I know this because it has happened to my chicken and she expressed the same behaviour as your are talking about.

    Hope this helps

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