Is our Pyrenees' hips or knees hurting?

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    May 22, 2013
    Hello! We have an 11 year old Pyrenees. Her legs are sinking down and she moves her hips when you touch then.Do you think her knees, hips, or both are hurting her? Is there anything we can give her nutrient wise to make her stronger? her legs have one out a few times where she keeps kicking. It is hard for her to cross gravel. Thank you so so so so so much!!!
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    That's something that should be diagnosed with x-rays & palpitation The large breeds are very likely to have hip dysplasia, dogs can also have slipped stifles . Eleven years sounds old for the breed - you must be giving her excellent care - arthritis may also figure into the equation
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    If she is 11, it is very likely she had arthritis in her joints. That can only be diagnosed by a vet though. It's worth getting checked out because arthritis can definitely be managed with pain and supplements before its gets so bad they can't walk anymore.

    A senior visit to her vet would be a great idea with her condition and age.

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