Is petroleum jelly safe for chickens?

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    Aug 7, 2015
    I just put some petroleum jelly on the back end of some hens backs that have bare skin because of mating. I saw a hen eating some of it so I want to know if she will be fine with consuming it. I am guessing that it might have the same formulation as petroleum jelly but as this is cheaper, I am wondering if it might be using cheaper ingredients that might possibly be more dangerous.
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    There is not any real danger to the amounts they are likely to consume, however, the use you are applying it for is not going to be effective. With exposed skin the use of the jelly is going to do what you've seen - attract attention to the area and encourage picking, which is likely to lead to broken skin and further picking. The better alternative is a disguising agent such as blue kote if you want something to apply topically, but better still than that is to use a hen saddle as it will protect from picking, further mating damage (now that the feathers are gone the skin is going to be damaged) and allow for refeathering to take place.
  3. cuteychickens15

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    Aug 7, 2015
    So at this stage with eating petroleum jelly they should be fine ?

    I want to look into hen saddles because I have heard of them and they sound interesting, thanks :)
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    x2 Usually I've heard of using petroleum jelly for large combs during frigid weather. I prefer to stick with cold hardy breeds with smaller combs but was just wondering if applying petroleum jelly (I have some friends who do it.) encourages pecking by other birds?

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