Is rabbit food good/safe for chickens?

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    Hi everyone! This is my first post. I'm new here. I have 12 pet hens and 4 ducks. For the winter my flock is living in our basement. Its a fairly large area, covered with a thick layer of aspin bedding, approximately 30x30ft for chickens. The ducks are in a separate smaller area of the basement with access to a bath tub. Also living with my chickens are 2 lionhead rabbits. I know a lot of people disagree with housing them together, but I have done some reasearch and talked to people to do this and it works out well for us. Since these animals are in our house, I keep them meticulously clean and well ventilated. The chickens food is raised where the rabbits can't get to it, and the rabbit's food is under a low bench that the chickens can't get to. However, recently one of my chickens (Betty White, a white silky) figured out how to get to the rabbit food and loves it. I have given the chickens some rabbit food and they all seem to love it. I'm wondering if its good for them because if it is I'll just put the bowl out where everyone can get it. If not, I'll figure out something to keep the chickens out of it. Thanks for reading! -Marcy
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