Is raw egg yolk safe for weak baby chick?


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Feb 6, 2013
I have a baby serama. She was the only one that hatched out of 9 eggs. She's all alone and I keep her tucked in my shirt against my skin 24/7 to keep her warm with company. When I can't have her on me, my Fiance has her on him. We're doing everything we can for her but she gets weaker each day that passes. She's 6 days old now. We've tried putting her in a brooder, as well as on heating pads but skin contact seems to work the best. Nothing seems to get her energy up. We started her on sugar water yesterday and that's helping her eat more medicated chick feed, but she's still so weak and all she does is sleep. She's not really opening her eyes today. We tried her on boiled egg yolk yesterday but she wouldn't eat it. Would it be safe to warm up some raw egg yolk so she can drink it with the same dropper we give her water with? Would raw egg yolk do more harm then good? We started her on pedialyte water today for electrolytes but she wont drink much of it even with sugar put in it. She's not drinking much of anything today. She ate this morning but getting her to drink is a battle today. Any suggestions would be so much appreciated. She has taken such a huge part of our hearts... we can't lose her this far along the battle. She's been so strong. Thanks everyone.
yes id just do the yolk straight then and try acv water after that - my chicks always perked up after shipping w acv maybe itll help ... it wouldnt hurt . good luck !

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