Is she a he? Polish gender wonderings......


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Nov 19, 2020
Have been hoping our 10 week old White Crested Black Polish is a she. And was feeling pretty confident as I looked at her crest shape when she was a tiny chick (per a thread on this site), watched as her crest feathered out, etc. But then we added a new 12 week Buff Orpington pullet this week and our Polish has shown lots of aggression this week with her and with most others in the flock. I know they are figuring out the pecking order, but this little special one FEARS NO ONE! Four of our 7 girls are larger than she is - and all of them will eventually be larger. She challenges all but the one who is clearly at the bottom of the pecking order. She instigated a stare-down with our Barnevelder today (same age but larger than she is) - it turned into a full fight with jumps, pecks and wing slaps. Eventually the Barnevelder tried to get away and the polish chased her and pulled out a feather! She challenges the largest of the crew - a Black Australorp a few weeks older and a lot larger - doesn't always win but doesn't back down easily. She is either going hard for top hen - or she is a roo. Here are three pics. Can anyone tell if she is a he?


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May 6, 2020
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Your White Crested Black is behaving that way because she is a "HE".
I have a pullet of like kind, and your 10 week olds bright red wattles, the shape of the crest (unorganized)and pointed saddle feathers say.... Cockerel. He is very pretty now! Just wait to see him later!
A gorgeous Polish White Crested Roo is found as the Avatar of @featherhead007.
1st pic: The white crest is round with organized feathers.
2nd pic: the white crest makes a "cotton ball" appearance and does not run down the back of the neck.


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