Is SHE a HE??

Roo or hen?

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May 20, 2017
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Hi everyone, I am a new chicken owner and am positive about my other girls being hens but I have ONE in question that might be a Roo. Out of my flock I have 10, different breeds and colors. I have 3 black Australorps, and one of them seems a little different than the other two. I'm thinking she might be a HE! Any opinions are greatly appreciated The first pic shows the chicken in question next to one of my other australorps and my barred rock girl. The rest of the pics are close ups of the chicken in question. They are all about 8 weeks old.


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Hi everyone! Just an update, a friend of my uncle who grew up raising chickens in Ireland told me this is a hen, but I would love other opinions as well. He says because of the salmon coloring, and it would be RED by now. I'd hate to accidentally give away a great hen!! (S)he is not very different in temperament or personality compared to my other two australorps so I can't tell that way.
Hmm I am not sure but I think your uncle is correct I think she is a hen beautiful bird though good luck raising her!
Thanks for the opinion!! I really do think it is also a hen because of how sweet she is and she's always hanging out with the other two and acts just like them, I have heard roosters can be more aggressive with the hens and have a different stance. I really do hope my gut is correct because I do love this bird!!!

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