Is "she" a "he"?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by littlebanty, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Back in March when TSC had their chicks I bought 11 of them. They had partridge rocks and brown leghorns. Mine are 3 months old and I have 1 that looks nothing like the others. She is alot larger and already has a pretty good sized comb and wattles and they are red. She is a totaly different color. She looks alot like the PR rooster shown here except for it doesnt have the red around its neck but everything else looks the same.

    My husband and I swear its a rooster.....the only doesnt crow! Thats what is really confusing us. There are also no spurs on its legs. But she is really huge compared to the other pullets all hatched at the same time. Is it possible its a hen that just looks like a rooster. Now if she lays eggs and crows...I definatly am a winner!
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    Not all roosters crow as early as 3 months. It's also too young for the spurs. Can you post a pic of your chicken. Best place to post it would be in the what gender/breed category.
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    Does it seem like your hen/roo is the one in charge? I have a white rock hen who looks just like a roo but is just the head of the flock! she doesnt lay very well but sure is bossy! some say you can give them hormone supplements to stop this but i have never looked into it! good luck!
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    I will post one tomorrow.
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    Quote:No not that I have seen. They all bow up to each other and play and ruffle up their feathers...Even my OE game bantams bow up to my ducks...and win! Im gonna post a pic tomorrow. I really think shes a roo. If it is he has to go because I am not zoned for roos...Although he is very pretty.
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    I had a hard time loading to photobucket yesterday...Im gonna try it again today.

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