Is she a he?

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    Meet Fats. Here is her/his story. We got her when she\he was a couple of days old. She grew up with all the others. She has never let a rooster touch her. Ever. She was the very last one to even start to try to lay. Never squatted like all the other girls do. She had a prolapse one evening as I was putting them to bed noticed she was up there trying to push something out. Put that all back in and got that taken care of. A couple of days later she layed a soft shell. No yolk or anything just a wrinkly shell. She went to lay two more eggs a couple of weeks later but that was it. That was a year ago. She has since began to try and crow, and her comb and wattle have grown a lot bigger than the other buff's that we had. It doesn't flop like the other girls but stays straight up and is stiff like the roosters. We have since gotten another rooster and he won't let her drink or come outside with the other girls. He runs her back in and spurs and bites her back. Not like he does with the girls that he is actually trying to get some. I don't know if a she can turn into a he or what is wrong with her. She was born April 2011. Any Comments or advice? Can a she turn into a he?

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    Could you try to get more clear pics?
    That would help!!
    (I think that is a hen, but the pics aren't to good)
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    2x, are you sure that fats layed the soft shelled egg? I read somewhere that if a flock has no Roos, then sometimes a hen takes over the flock and acts like a roo, and even sometimes start CROWING!!! I think Fats is a hen to. :)
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    I love that name, fats!!
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    I read somewhere once that some chickens can be other words, be male and female in one. I never really put much stock in that, but I did have a pet pullet once that was kind of like that...she had some health issues anyway so she was a sort of outcast...which is why she became my pet. She was awfully flashy for a hen, she had an onyx belly band, very unusual markings. Some of the roos flirted with her and some chased I was just never sure. She was killed by a hawk, and broke my heart...[​IMG] before I ever got a chance to see if she would lay. But I think your hen is hen, and just is a boss hen, like someone else on here said. The boss hens don't always get along very well with roos, and ours will regularly chase and pick on the cockerels. As far as the laying issue, idk, that's weird. Maybe her hormones changed a bit, if she can't physically lay, and the roos can tell?
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    Regardless of what we think it is, your Rooster sees another Rooster, and will try to run it off. If he refuses to leave they may or may not become tolerant of each other. I recently culled a rooster because he was getting to aggressive, (just one reason, he also killed an old hen that refused him) he would attack the bigger roo when he was on a hen then run. It was kinda funny to watch the smaller bird run full speed and jump up and hit the big guy with both talons, the first time the big guy stood there like "what just happened here" and then "do you want to fight or what?" exit stage left,,,,,

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