Is she a White Faced Black Spanish????

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by MSchickenmama, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Attached are a pics of my new girl. She is supposed to be a White Faced Black Spanish, she was hatched 2/25/2012, so she is about 7 weeks. The lady I got her from had 30, of this said breed. But the pictures of chickens of this breed don't look or stand like her. My boys says she looks like a Vulture.

    Is she a WFBS? I know they take along time to devlop. I am not familiar with this breed, though I do have 11 different breeds total now. We got her to show, her feathers on her head are yellow. The the Long yellowish-white feathers on the wings have me confused too.

    My husband picked her out, for me. A long story, but I am interested in "OLD" breeds from documentable from the 1500's. Since a WFBS is he chose it, then out of 20 pullets he choose her.

    Any help, anyone.


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    Is this a standard or bantam? I have a bantam and it never had any yellow. Its legs were longish. It's stance it nice, sort of upright but not like a game and it doesn't cower. It took a long time to get its white face. The small pictures are hard to see so I really can't tell how yours looks.
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    i dont think its a spanish

    they usually have all black faces till as chicks where as yours has got white which is not common with the spanish at this early stage
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    She is a standard breed, she is the same size as my 3 week old Orpingtons.

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    They lady I got her from , had said she had ordered 15 SR & 15 Pullets, of the WFBS- they all look like my girl(Domino) except the young roos have a start of red combs. Because she liked the 5 SR she had gotten last fall, she has 2 roos and 3 hens(they are 9 months) but the hens have not started laying yet so she ordered some McM's hatchery. I started researching but cannot find any chicks that look like Domino does. So I was just wondering- what others had to say about this breed, who would be more knowledgeable on this breed than I.

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