Is she broke?

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    OK, so here is some back story with my question to anyone who may be able to answer...

    In early November, I bought four, 9 month old hens (2 White Leghorns and 2 Rhode Island Reds). They were about 8 months old and all 4 were laying. I bought their coop and everything. I brought them home and none of them would lay a single egg until Thanksgiving when one of the Rhode Island Reds started laying and has given me an egg pretty much everyday since. About a week ago, the second RR started laying and has only missed one day this week. Nothing yet from the Leghorns.

    However, this morning when I went out to the coop, a Leghorn was in the nest and her butt was doing it's thing like she was going to lay. I immediately left her alone, not wanting to interrupt the process since this would be the first egg from her. I came back 10 minutes later when I saw her out of the coop and in their pen, but no egg. So, my question is, is she broke? Why does she seem to be trying to lay an egg that isn't coming out?
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    Really hard to say. They had a lot going on between the stress of a move, could had have their first adult molt but is a bit early, lack of light during winter are a few that come to mind right away. Where both Leghorns are not laying would be more than likely one of the things I mentioned but also could be something else, like older than you were told. Maybe some pictures would help us here to solve your problem.

    She could be getting ready to lay again by being in the box, feeling the urge to lay but no egg on its way.
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