Is she broody? NEED ADVICE PLease

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    I went down to the coop this morning to let my 4 girls out, they were waiting for me as usual except for one. She (fiffie) was sitting in the nesting box so I thought she was laying an egg, so I didn't disturb her. I went back down to collect the egg about 1 hour later and she is still sitting on the nest. I put my hand in to pat her and get the egg but she didn't move and she kept pecking me(she's never pecked me before) does this mean she's going broody? I haven't had a broody hen before, I've only had the hens since April 09. If she is broody whats the best way to break the behavior? because we don't have a rooster so nothin is gunna hatch lol.
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    I have hens that sit in the nesting box for hours before laying an egg. If she sits there overnight vs roosting, I'd say she is broody. But, be patient.. mine seem to like laying on eggs for a while, but not going broody.
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    but why would she peck me? she's never done this before.
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    ok she's been on the nest for 3 hours now so I went and picked her up (she pecked me like crazy) and put her out of the coop. The other hens are waiting to use the nesting box, i only have one box because we only have 4 bantam hens. I kept her out for about 10 minutes mean while 2 other hens went into the box to lay, fiffie the broody one got back into the coop and went straight up to the other hen in the nesting box and started fluffing up and pecking her. Does this mean I'll have to add another nesting box for the other non broody hens? Also I've gone from getting 3 to 4 eggs a day from them now down to 1 or 2 does this mean that may be a couple of them are gunna go broody?
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