Is she broody?

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    I have a buff colored cochin bantam who has decided to sit on the nest constantly for the last few days. Everyday, I keep removing the warm eggs that two other hens are laying under her (about one each day). The first day or two, I managed to scare her off the nest when collecting the eggs. The last few days she is immovable when I reach under her rear to remove the eggs from the nest (which is the top of a bale of straw). She's not aggressive just determined to sit. I have even picked her up and set her on the ground of the run so that she will partake of treats that I give to the entire run of chickens. She gets some treats, then is back on the nest very soon. This has got to be broody behavior.
    I don't want her to try to hatch eggs with winter approaching. The eggs that she's attempting to set are probably fertile as there are several bantam roos in that same chicken run. Should I just keep removing the eggs and her from the nest as much as possible to try to break her of sitting?
  2. Hi, She sounds broody to me!
    Im afraid that the only way to break her out of this is to put her in chicky jail, gaol.
    Have a small cage , not box which is high enough for her to move around in and stand up in. Put 2 bricks under this, one at each end to allow air to get underneath her .
    Have water and feed in there.
    Cover this at night to prevent her getting cold.
    Leave her in a sheltered but light area through the day, yes you feel bad, but its for her own good.
    She may need 3 days and nights in there.
    Let her out after 3 days and if she goes back to nest, put her in jail again, repeat this until she decides not to go back to nest.
    A chicky jail is a good thing to have in your chicken closet for when you have unwanted broodies!!
    good luck, let us know how long she takes.

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