Is she BROODY?

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    My Standard Frizzle Cochin has been laying eggs for about a month, or a bit longer, and she has began sort of sit on them. She will lay them, and sit for a while, then after I let everyone out to free range, She stays, but then eventually gets up and BLABS (I am assuming the egg song?) Then she will stay out for a few hours, and when it is time to go back to bed she gets back on them, and sleeps on them throughout the night. 2 days ago she laid an egg, got up and my Rhode Island Red laid an egg. The Frizzle got back on them. So she is sitting on 2 eggs, and I am hoping that they are fertile because I know that my bantam roo has been busy.
    My question is, that since she sits on them, and then gets up. So the temperature of the egg go from warm to normal temp. And then back to warm.
    Should I leave them, and since tomorrow is day 3, could I check them with candling?
    Are the eggs still good to store in refridgerator because remember, she gets up for hours, but then gets back on?!

    Thank you
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    It sounds like she's in the very early stages of going broody. During this period, she's off the nest more than on it because she hasn't laid her final egg. She knows instinctively not to sit full time until all the eggs can proceed from the same incubation point.

    If she wanders aimlessly, but fussily, clucking a low "hiccup" sound, annoying the others, demonstrating annoyance at being touched by fluffing up and maybe even pecking you, she's definitely going broody.

    When she lays the final egg, at that point she will refuse to leave the nest, getting very angry, flattening herself protectively over the eggs when touched.

    There will be no doubt left that she is broody.
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    Quote:[​IMG] Thanks, this is a very interesting post! I'm pretty new to chickens, 9 1/2 weeks worth. So thanks for your input on the signs of broodiness.

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