Is she getting close???

How far out from laying???

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7 Years
Aug 29, 2012
I posted a picture of Peggy a few weeks ago and since then we've seen some changes! What do you guys think?

Peggy 2 weeks ago

Peggy as of today

looks like shes getting close. how many weeks old is she. i have 6 barred rocks that are going on 20 weeks old and starting to show some red in the combs and wattles. you will have eggs soon. enjoy.
Well we bought her from a chicken breeder on August 26th... This lady said she was born in May so that would make her 24 weeks today... However when I posted a few weeks ago a few members said she was younger then what I thought... The first picture was taken in late September early October.
if she is not already laying I would say with in the next week...when you rub her back does she squat down and hold out her wings? if so she should lay within just a few days.
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Hope they start soon for you....My chickens look just like these and we havent seen any eggs we just got them I dont even know how old they would even be.........
She hasn't squatted for us, but we felt her bottom and her gap between pubis bones is the width of two of my fingers. When I checked her 4 days ago the width was maybe 1.5 fingers!!!
Okay I think shes really really close I can almost fit three of my fingers between her pubis bones!!!! She keeps clucking at us saying "dont't you touch me" hahaha seems like it!

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