is she gonna die?


7 Years
Sep 9, 2012
I have an ariconda hen and i am very worried about her. i have heard of many deadly deseases with her symptoms. this is what she does- in the morning when i let all of my girls out of thier coop ( there are 17 ) she stays in the coop all day, and she goes to sleep way earlier then all the others. What is wrong with her? and what medicine can i use?
what other symptoms? How is her poo? Is she eating/drinking? Is her face swollen, is there mucus coming form eyes/nose? Is she sneezing/coughing?
i havent seen her poo yet because the coop bottom is wire, and i dont know how shes eating or drinking because im usually at school but ill try to pay close attention, i have seen her sneeze occasionaly and i cant tell if she is swollen because shes an araconda

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