Is She now a He??

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    Jan 26, 2009
    I have a SLW that is about 8 months old. She started laying at about 6.5 months old (I know for sure b/c I only have 4 pullets and all the colors are different) and laid well for about 6 weeks, squatted when I tried to pet her, sat in the nest, the whole bit. Well it has been 3 weeks and she has not laid one egg. She does not squat anymore and her tail feathers are more erect. She is otherwise eating and healthy. Her comb and waddles are still red. I feed layer feed with grit and oyster shell and various veggies and fruits. The other 3 girls are laying very well. Does she have a hormone problem? I have no idea what is up with her. Feeling very confused by this bird. Please help.
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    Post a pic. Male SLWs look very different from females.
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    yeah, pictures.

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