Is shipping live quail risky?

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    Hello! I have a question for the quail keepers that are more experienced and wiser than me. I have been considering selling eggs to a restaurant and maybe some health food stores, so I decided it would not be in any way a bad thing to increase my laying flock of jumbo coturnix. I further thought if I could order live quail it would save me time by having them start laying sooner. I contacted a person about his/ her birds and got this ( email included below) reply in resonse to his pricing. Do y'all think the guarantee is a little weird? Is shipping quail dangerous? Don't you think that I would probably not loose many chicks or birds from Virginia to Texas ? Granted I am prepared for the event that I might lose a few, but to pay 5$ for a week old bird, is that worth it? Thank you so much, I am probably being parinoid but I don't have the funds to be losing while I learn a hard lesson, and rather learn from you Wiser folks.

    I've got them day old locally for $1 a chick, week old chicks are $2, and 3 week old chicks are $3.
    These are not shipping prices,  I cannot ship birds at this price if I am to bear any burden for their life, which means if I sell them to you at that price all I guarantee is live healthy birds at shipment which must be express mail (NOT PRIORITY) at your expense.  So if the birds do not arrive alive, your claim is with the post office if it is their fault.  Shipping boxes are also extra as the PO requires special certain approved boxes, small box is $10 and holds 40 or so quail chicks depending on age.
    if you require reshipment for any reason,  the same charges will apply, price of birds each x number of birds + box + express mail shipping.
    Birds are shipped:  "HOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR PICKUP".  We carry your birds to the post office and you should pick them up at the post office first thing in the morning or right after they come in.  Delivery is generally made within about 24 hours of shipment.
    If you prefer a live delivered guarantee, day old chicks are $3 Each -  Week OLD ARE $5  AND  older birds are $5 - $7 each depending on age and sex.  And you would still incur the box and shipping cost.  and this way it would be my claim at the post office should a problem occur.if you chose the higher price guaranteed live delivery birds, keep in mind that only covers the birds not the shipping, so if your birds need to be replaced, they will be replaced at my expense but you would still be expected to cover the cost of reshipping
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