Is Silo King treated hay safe for fowl?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by BennieAnTheJets, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. BennieAnTheJets

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    Mar 4, 2016
    Virginia, USA
    we have hay treated with Silo King - I am not sure what is in it, but it is supposed to be a desiccant and preservative - it is also supposed to be a probiotic (for horses and cows?)

    if I line the nest boxes with this hay, our Guinea Fowl will eat it and I am wondering about the additive in their crop/gut/body - is it safe for them?

    does anyone have any information on this?

    we have dry leaves as well, but those can contain fungi and rot, so may not be ideal either for the girls to sit in for 28 days and heating the same spot and possibly hatching unwanted organisms

    what do you use to line your nest boxes?

    Thanks, Bennie
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  2. chicklover 1998

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    Sep 30, 2015
    I use pine shavings.

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