Is surgical silence an option?


7 Years
Apr 23, 2012
Nova Scotia, Canada
I read about people caponising their own birds, and doing sour crop surgeries, but I have another question; I live in a neighborhood, so this means that thus far, I've been eating any chicken that has the misfortune to have a pair. So in my case, this would be life saving surgery.
My question is, is it possible to create a silent bird by removing/damaging vocal chords, or is the crow a sound made using the entire throat? I wouldn't try it if it would cause suffering and death, but if this could be done and the bird could survive it...

The law says I can have chickens, but I'm concerned that if I have a loud rooster, people might get together to have the law changed, and I would loose my whole flock.

I've seen birds on here survive some impressive manglings by predators, flock mates, and accidents, and if this could save one of my boys, and allow me to have some fertile eggs from my girls, it was at least worth asking about.

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