Is the Incubator Theisens sells worth buying???

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    Aug 11, 2007
    The more I read about all of you hatching with an incubator the more I want to try it. We have used Silkies as Brooders but they never seem to be setting when I have the eggs wanted to hatch.
    Me and DH noticed Theisens is selling a incubator for 36.98 which is something we could afford. However we don't want to buy something thats going to be to hard to use or not hatch out successfully anyway. It doesn't have a name just says:

    Chick Incubator
    Made of durable styrafoam to retain warmth.Two viewing windows, thermostat control, thermometer and moisture rings.

    How often would we have to turn the eggs and for how long?? Has anyone else ever gotten one from there, and if so how did it work?

    Really want an incubator but don't want to waist our money either.

    THanks in advance
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    it sounds like the 1602N I used to have. styrofoam holds in bacteria. Even if you bleach and let it sit out in the sun you will still ghave it in tthere. If you can others have suggested the 1588 or the brower top hatch.

    Though that is a good price for the 1602N as I paid $45 for mine

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