Is there a market for Narragansett Toms?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by kmb221, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. kmb221

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    Jul 18, 2008
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    Just wondering if there is a market for Narragansett Toms? Ours will be 8 months old December 25, 2012 and we were wondering rather than butcher them, is there a market to sell them? And, if so, how much would you charge? We live in South Central Pennsylvania.

  2. Arielle

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    YOu can look on CL in your area and see if other people are advertising and for how much. If no information is available you can start high on the price and see if you get any bites. OR leave off the price initally until you talk to a few callers or emailers. Just have a gneneral price in mind before any contact with buyers. Offer a price and see what the byers think. YOu need a number of such contacts to find the pricing in your area, at that time of year for a Narri.

    I sold a slew of poults for $15 in spring and summer; but nearly grown birds that have been eating expensive feed are not as easy to sell in my experience. I suspect the customer base maybe different and I need a different means of reaching that customer. CL helps me reach the customer with the need to eat the traditional foods that they grew up with, which means farm raised not grocery store birds.

    THis is my limited experience.

    Maybe more people with marketing experience will chime in.
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    8 months is a good age to butcher and it is right before Christmas, so I would guess that this is a good time to sell them.

    For sale as breeding animals, they would have to be excellent quality. So, obviously, whether or not you can sell them to a non-butchering home depends upon their quality.
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  4. Shelshanam

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    I think it just going to depend on the market in your area.

    I never see Turkeys for sale in my area, but most folks are looking for breeding adult pairs/trio/quads. I constantly see adds asking if anyone has turkeys for sale as in breeding pairs.

    The last set of turkeys I actually saw sold via craigslist was at a farm I had visited and the woman was a little batty. She put them up for $150 for a breeding trio of Royal Palms which were around 4 years old. She only had the add up for a half day before it was taken down from being sold. I would say she might of got less but she wouldn't budge an inch on prices for me and I highly doubt she would for those turkeys.

    Good luck and let us know if he does sell how it went.

  5. wasteaway

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    Feb 24, 2012
    I drove 2 hours and paid $45 for a Narri Tom last year. He is a nice specimen and we hatched a couple batches of poults (thanks to a broody half silky bantam hen) so I guess he was worth it.

    My 9yo named him Tommy Gun because he will come up behind and peck at you if you're not on the ball. I think this is why he "needed" a new home. Not a sweet boy but he is good/different bloodlines and that is what I wanted.

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