Is there a nurse in the house?

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    My chicken has bumble foot, I am getting a liquid prescription for cephalexin from a friend (pediatrician) Does any one know what the equivalent would be for the capsule in liquid form! Additionally what is probiotic and where might I purchase it?
    Cephalexin capsules work well in soft tissue and should be given at the rate of one 250 mg capsule once or twice per day for 7 to 10 days. After successful treatment all birds should receive probiotic in the drinking water for 7 to 10 days or until droppings return to normal.
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    I dont know your dosage, but in lieu of probiotics, you can feed them active culture plain yogurt. Does the same thing.
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    Jun 17, 2008
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    Is this thread for the same hen as the one with the "bumblefoot" title? A bit confusing.
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    I am a nurse, but I am not sure about the use of cephalexin or it's doseage. If it iis "bumblefoot" you are dealing with a gangrene, very serious. I did find this link
    and I suggest you make sure you are dealing with soft tissue or inter-synovial tissue penetration ability.
    Circulation will be very important for getting medication to the affected area.
    God Bless,, Jean
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    yes...same post, but I separated then thinking that I could get help with the medicine part! I have found out that 1 teaspoon of the liquid is the equivalent of 250 ml, I just need to figure out how to squirt it down her throat! She got rather indignant!
    They all love yogurt, so thank you for that alternative!
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    Yogurt is a good source or I find Probios at my local farm supply store. It comes in many different forms and works good too.

    Good luck with your chicken.

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