is there any hope forfor my 3 day old chick?

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    He has not been able to get around from day one which is my biggest concern. He drags on leg around and tries to move around with the other but that only sends him in circles. He seems healthy even though he's not eating or drinking much but I'm sure that will end soon if I cannot find a remedy to his problem. Any ideas??
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    By all means do all you can to hand feed him etc. Personally, i would cull him as its likely that if he does improve, he will be a runt and more than likely die of something else later in life.

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    Try some vitamins in its water. Many people use Poly-Vi-Sol infant vitamins WITHOUT iron, available at most pharmacies. Or you can use Sav-A-Chick from your local feed store. Won't hurt to give it to all your chicks for a few days. Also, crumble up some hard-boiled egg yolk and mix in a little starter feed for it. It may just need a little extra support to get a good start. If it doesn't improve in a couple of days, it probably won't.

    Do you have pictures? It may also be straddle-leg which can be helped by tying the two legs together.

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