Is there any way to make a silkie hen go broody?

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    Jun 11, 2013
    I just bought three 8 week old chicks for my 5 month old silkie who I thought was lonely since all of her friends turned out to be roosters. She is a very sweet docile bird who is very social, so I was really suprized when she wasn't taking to the chicks. She is bullying them to the point where they are scared to eat or drink because she will go after them, which means I have to go I'm there each day and make sure they get food and water and fend of my other silkie. Is there anyway I can make her go broody or things I can try to make her be nicer? I know she is trying to establish a pecking order but I can't have her not letting them eat or drink!! Thoughts/ideas? Thanks
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    Broody won't help with 8 week old chicks... Introduce them one at a time after they are the same size and let them see each other with no contact for a week or so before that.
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    You can't make a chicken go broody, it's a biological response.

    I have a mixed age flock and find that the mixing is fairly problem free if the number I am adding is larger than the number in the existing flock,

    Chickens are social animals so if you have just the one adult hen she will likely accept the new chick readily. Set them up where she can see them but can't get at then for a week or so then try them out together in an area where the chicks can get away and hide if needed. If it goes well and the chicks are ready to sleep in the coop at night let them as soon as you are sure they are getting along. I do suggest that you are prepared to open the coop as soon as the sun comes up for the first few days to avoid any territorial dust ups, but again, I don't think you will have any problems.
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