Is there anyone on here that raises parakeets?

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    May 6, 2011
    I've had Tweety (male) and Petie(female) for about 3 years (??). Suddenly Petie started shredding paper and yep, she laid an egg. Well we got them a nest box. (Why? I don't know) I didn't want to raise parakeets. Anyway...
    She laid 5 eggs. We gave her the box with some pine shavings in it. Tweety went and threw all the eggs and the shavings out of the box. They were broken and cracked. I threw them away and was relieved. I really don't want babies. Well she laid 6 more eggs.
    Somewhere around Sept. 2, one of them hatched, then another hatched a couple days later... well long story short I have 4 babies in there as far as I know. Both parents are feeding and sitting on them. The oldest baby is starting to get feathers.

    I wanted to take away a few of the eggs and let them raise the few babies but now they are so far along I will feel bad??

    Is there anything I need to know? I've been reading online of course.
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    Mar 22, 2011
    Boxes get dirty quickly so cleaning will help and bedding will prevent splayed legs. Other then that they should do the rest.

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