Is there anyway to tell Sex of 3 week olds? (details included.)

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by lilmama, Jul 22, 2011.

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    I'm sure there has been many a post about this and if there is a link you can send me to that would be just fine!

    I have 6 3-week old chicks that I am not even sure the breed of since they were hatched from fertile eggs I put under my broody.

    2 look like reddish golden rumpless Arucana's One looks the same but has a tail.
    3 others are black of which 2 have a white spot on the head which I read in a chicken rearing book is the sure sign of a roo that is a Barred Rock/New Hampshire mix. The other is all black with a yellow spot underneath.

    I am giving three away to people who don't care if they are roo's, but I for sure want 3 hens for myself. Thus, would like to know the sex.

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    I'm sorry but at 3 weeks old and not knowing the breeds and no pics, I can't help...
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    Sep 27, 2010
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    It is possible the black ones with white spots on their heads could be sex linked roos but they need to be a cross of a non barred roo with a barred hen. They could be BR x NH but they could be just as easily another cross. They could be pure BR too from the chick description. You really can't tell without knowing the breeds and without knowing you can't be sure they are roos, I have barred crossbred pullets growing out right now.

    The best bet for sexing would be clear pics of them, particually of their head and comb. It is very early but by 3wo I can often pick out baby roos with my chicks, usualy because I can see a comb developing already. [​IMG]
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