Is there such thing as a white sex links chicken?


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May 7, 2012
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I went to order some day old chicks from our local farmer supply store, and ordered 6 girls, 2 of each red, white and black,

I forgot to ask the bloke what breed they were, but until I am called to go and collect them, do you know what breed they could possibly be? All I was told was the colors, but is a white sex links chicken possible? Or a black one? I'll report back when I find out what they are :)



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Interesting plight Wullus,

Definitely there is a black sexlink here in the 'states. It is sometimes called a black star.

It would be interesting if this were the white one that you will be getting:

I have heard of people in UK getting these...but not USA. If it turns out to be an Amber star-- and you can find out the other parent besides Rhode Island Red...I would be interested in knowing. Also---chicks? You MUST post pictures so we can ooooh and awww over them! :O)

HEY!! I just looked at your u tube video. Good luck with the hatch. That hatching calendar is way-cool. Just about a week ago, my first ever chicks hatched. OMG---they will grow so fast...Today I'm thinking i need to move them to the their 3rd-larger box.
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It is also quite possible that the chicks are being vent sexed rather than being a sex-link. Probably the most common whites would be leghorn or plymouth rock.

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