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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Turkeyrangler, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Turkeyrangler

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    May 9, 2010
    By Lake Superior
    OKay, so I found myself tonight with a 2 pound very friendly poult sitting on my shoulder(with a towel) listening to Pachelbel's canon in D Major. We both seemed to enjoy it very much. He/she snuggled up close and did some purring. I'm thinking that at 20 pounds this may not be a good thing. BTW- this is a heritage turkey with no plans of eating.

    Just so you know, if you have any unruly turkey poults this will make them chill, might make you chill too....[​IMG]

    the link...

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    Apr 5, 2008
    Hastings, Nebraska
    A couple of years ago we had a blue slate and red Bourbon that did that when they were small,. When they got older like at around 25 pounds One tried to fly up to my shoulder. Fortunately I ducked and it veered off just in time. As time moves a long I don't remember exactly what i said, but the rest of the family keeps reminding me I said something like "Opp's maybe I should not have done that". Personally i would have guessed i said something a little more saltier that can't be written in this forum.

    So every time I now think of doing this I don't and have flash backs of that day.

  3. Lagerdogger

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Aitkin, MN
    I think that's great! I bought a mix of heritage turkeys this year. They have been particularly friendly. They are for eating (mostly), and I have been a little concerned about whether I will be able to butcher them. Fortunately for me, they are getting a little less friendly as they get older, except one hen who like sitting in my lap. Luckily for her, she's the only bronze hen, and I will need her for breeding.
  4. Turkeyrangler

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    May 9, 2010
    By Lake Superior

    You live in Aitkin. Not very far from me then, I'm near Duluth. I may have some questions about how to keep these turkeys over winter. I plan to breed to the ones I have and process the offspring next year. any suggestions??

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