Is this a girl or boy ???

Henrietta 65

Nov 17, 2020
From the uk 🇬🇧
Hi this my one of my young cuckoo marans I can’t tell if he is a boy or girl but staring to lean towards cockerel because of how red the comb is but he/she is nowhere near as big as he/she brother is and gets on fine with himfine with him
View attachment 2415448The other thing I have just to wonder is to keep him or my other one like I said this one is bigger then him and is a bit braver then him he are some pictures of him
OP, one thing that can help you when possible sexing breeds with the cuckoo pattern is that the roosters/cockerels always have more defined bars. You can see the difference in the barring even with the tiny amount of tail from your pullets in the picture above.

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