Is This A Good Coop Design?

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    Well, my wife finally gave me permission to buy chickens...! I'm psyched to have fresh eggs, fun pets, and hopefully some tick eradication on the property. I'm thinking about getting 4 to 5 RI Reds. The local farm and grain store is selling the coops in the pictures below for $950. I think it's a good looking coop but is it functional? I'm thinking about building it myself rather than purchase it. If you were building would you improve it?

    We'll I just realized that I'm not able to post up all of the images I took today as I'm a new member....oh well...
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    surf through the forum a bit, post a few time, (10) is the minimum I think, then you can post pics.
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    I guarantee you that you can build a great coop..even though I don't know the design you saw, for a heck of a lot less than that. Go to the front page and click on the coops will see dozens of great coops

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