Is this a good diet???

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    Right now I'm feeding my chickens either a mix of scratch feed and laying pellets or game bird feed and laying pellets then some left over scraps when we have them.... Is this a pretty good diet??? I have all bantam chickens.
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    Is the layer ration their primary source? Does it contain grit and oyster shell, or are you offering it separately?

    Scratch is a treat...

    I have only 12 layers and offer layer pellets containing grit and oyster, and in winter I supplement with fresh plant material and occasionally some mixed grains, but I rely on the layer ration to ensure adequate protein.

    How are your birds doing? [​IMG]
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    I feed about 70 bantam chickens and what I do is take the layer pellets and the scratch feed normally 2 scoops of each in a bucket and mix it up then start to feed I've got 10 small pens with pairs, trio's and quads, then I've got 2 runs one with 40+/- and 1 with around 20 in it. I'm not sure if the layers have the the grit or the oyster I've been meaning to fix something to where I can put some in there pen seperate.....
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    also the game bird feed that I get sometimes is 10% it looks like a mixture of 7 different things. I sometimes mix it with the layer instead of the scratch

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