Is this a good incubator?

Hermit House

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Dec 17, 2015
Vadsby, Denmark
Oh, no worries, I understand completely. What are you going to be hatching for? Are you ever going to have 352 eggs in a batch? That's an egg a day from 50 hens each week. (Or 3 weeks of output from 16). My understanding is that you can't just do a 'running cycle' with most incubators, adding eggs as they arrive, but you do em in batches. I could be wrong there, but the larger Brinsea models make the distinction of being able to do continuous cycles like I describe.

Are you going to be doing a batch every 3 weeks? I did the maths on our 100 egger and we would be buried in chickens just a few cycles. Perhaps a smaller unit but more batches would be an alternative?

Just curious, not trying to dissuade you from the unit :D


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Sep 16, 2012
del valle, tx
Oh no I understand :). We will be doing all types of poultry. We will be buying some and adding from our flock. We think we may just go with a GQF cabinet incubator. Has better ratings then the other one I posted lol

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